WebINTENSIVE builds system to analyze millions of documents
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“Plug and Play” Web Software Analyzes Millions of Documents

Software Options Offered at Different Price Points

Our product gathers data from a legacy system—but performs dozens of times faster and offers a richer suite of features. Our client treats our software as “plug and play” application—enabling them to offer different levels of service at different price points, thus expanding their market.



A leading legal-research firm offered software that analyzed millions of documents in real time. We were asked to create the next generation of this product from scratch, with features and speed that leapfrog the existing version.



WebINTENSIVE held strategic discussions with the company over numerous sessions to solidify product features. We then found computational solutions to almost a dozen separate challenges. We even engaged two Ph.Ds. in statistics to confirm the core of our approach. To allow our client to continue to use the previous system (in which they had invested many millions of dollars), our software gathers data in real time from the previous system and makes results available back to it. Our a large, clustered software product runs dozens of times faster than the original. And its workflows drew raves from the company’s technologists and senior management.