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Scheduling and Assessment Web App Drives Success

Empowering a Public Entity to Deliver Faster, Better, Less Costly Service

The system is receiving enthusiastic praise. A customer survey found that an overwhelming majority of users were “very satisfied.” The system even got a thumb’s up from the state’s governor’s office.



As part of an initiative at a public agency to improve service and streamline costs, we created and implemented an online system to schedule appointments and to administer certification exams.



As a subcontractor, we built a Web-based system that enables qualified individuals to schedule appointments, take the certification test and make secure payments for the agency’s services. The system has the ability to process both credit cards and e-checks, with a custom purchase workflow that allows users to hold appointment reservations temporarily and release or confirm them depending on the outcome of their e-payments. In addition, the software includes measures to defend against automated attacks on the reservation system.