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Quickly Engineering HIPAA-Compliant Systems

Providing Better Health Management Service to Thousands of Employees

A major public agency with thousands of employees now has HR work processes that are more efficient, accurate and cost effective, saving both staff time and taxpayer money.



The agency had a slow, inefficient process for managing human resources data such as medical records.



WebINTENSIVE developed an Alfresco-based system to aid in retrieving and processing more than 70 types of employee data. The system eases the work of agency staff members charged with managing and using the data, while keeping sensitive personal data confidential. Intuitive interfaces help users work with data, manage workflows and perform administrative tasks, while user-friendly search tools make it simple for them to find and retrieve documents, diagnosis codes and other information. Users can also create and manage alerts to ensure an employee’s status is up to date. The system integrates with the agency’s HR management systems and includes rigorous security to protect employees’ personal data.