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New Ventures

Ask Us Anything

Got questions, burning or otherwise? Call 212-447-1100 or drop us a line at

Serving Growing New Ventures

From concept prototyping through investor and key client acquisition and on to growth, our experience will help bring your vision into lucrative reality.

Rapidly Realizing a Lucrative System

New and growing firms come to us for our ability to draw on experience with large, sophisticated systems and apply it to meeting their needs.

Scores of Launches

We’ll help make your vision real, applying experience gained from scores of projects to help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of your opportunities.

CTO-Level Counsel

We are technology agnostic and equally skilled in Waterfall and Agile development. We’ll recommend the approach most suited for your project’s needs.

Investor and Marquee Client Acquisition

We are experienced at helping clients raise angel and VC dollars and help successfully pitch marquee clients.


We specialize in helping to keep your data—and your users’ data—secure.

Ongoing Support

At your option, we can continue to provide maintenance, new feature development, and savvy business guidance.

Increasing Monetization

We extended the ability of a thriving Silicon Valley firm to increase its monetization by augmenting their in-house software development team. Following our proprietary methodology, our talented specialists sped key deployments while improving engineering quality.


From A Bright Idea to 6 Million Users a Day—and Growing

Through providing CTO-level guidance and finely nuanced attention to system architecture, we helped a firm grown from a start-up to a thriving business—and continue to help them grow.

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Enabling a Lucrative Exit Strategy

The owners of a paper-based physician reference guide turned to us to switch to a mobile distribution model. Success hinged on our uniquely balancing data security, performance, and access. Our efforts significantly increased the firm’s valuation—enabling the owners to sell to a larger firm at a very attractive profit.


Helping Our Clients Land Major Customers

We recognized that ease of use would be key when a manufacturer approached us about creating a Web app anybody could use to add their custom photos and artwork to cups and mugs. The firm was able win an account with an internationally respected retailer.