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Mission-Driven Organizations

Ask Us Anything

Got questions, burning or otherwise? Call 212-447-1100 or drop us a line at info@webintensive.com

Furthering your Mission

As a subcontractor or as a prime, we bring extensive experience in architecting and coding data-driven systems to support the public entities’ missions.

Meeting Missions while Driving Down Taxpayer Costs

Whether you’re seeking to educate, inform or motivate the public—or to automate, speed and streamline internal processes we bring years of experience in supporting highly visible public entities.

Meticulous Care

From thoughtful requirements and functional documentation through nuanced architecture, to carefully coding rigorous automated and manual testing, and vigorous maintenance, we provide the attention to detail you expect.

Proactive Service

Our mantra is “no surprises.” Your WebINTENSIVE account team will work with you hand in glove, proactively keeping you apprised of progress towards an on-time, on-budget launch.

Recommendations to Bank On

We are technology agnostic and equally skilled in Waterfall and Agile development. We’ll recommend the approach most suited for your project’s needs.

Security and Compliance

We specialize in meeting security and compliance needs.


We architect and code systems that are optimized for speedy service and maximum up-time, even while serving millions of users.

A Major System and Powerful Algorithm for School Choice

Automation to Improve Service, Drive Down Costs

The streamlined automated processes significantly reduce operating costs, while the enhanced algorithms enable a faster, more accurate matching process. The Brookings Institute hailed the program as one of the best school choice systems in the nation.



We were tapped by a prime contractor to provide technology to enhance the school choice program for a vast metropolitan school district.



We conducted hundreds of hours of discovery with the school system’s subject matter experts to identify the current business processes used by the school system’s many offices. We then suggested elegant and effective approaches to improve their processes. We created hundreds of wireframes and screenshot mockups to illustrate the proposed system’s functionality and to spark discussions.

Based on a review of the appropriate economics and mathematics literature, we crafted an algorithm based on the Gale Shapely matching process, which is used for medical residency matching, and incorporated several refinements from academia and several enhancements of our own. The system was designed to accommodate many school selection method variations through an intuitive interface that offers powerful Boolean logic capabilities.

We then created the software that manages this process — two Web applications comprising hundreds of interfaces, that accommodate thousands of internal school system users and millions of parents, many of whom will wait until the last minute and use the system simultaneously.