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Google Cardboard

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Making the Most of Google Cardboard Apps

Gartner finds that virtual reality marketing is at the beginning of an impressive growth cycle. More than 25 million Google Cardboard apps have been installed. However, Google Cardboard is not right for all needs. Here are some thoughts to help guide your considerations.

Provide an Immersive experience...

VR’s immersive experiences offer advantages when you need to train or educate an audience. Or when you want prospects to picture themselves using your products or services.

...With a Cost-Effective Investment

Experienced software engineers like WebINTENSIVE’s can provide impressive 3D features without necessarily involving a huge effort. Also, unlike standalone VR hardware, Google Cardboard viewers can run as little as a few dollars a unit by leveraging the capabilities of users’ existing Android and iOS smartphones.

Express Your Thought Leadership

VR apps are today’s fresh, exciting approach, much as “standard” apps were five years ago. That’s one reason firms like Lowe’s, Marriott Hotels, The New York Times, and The North Face are already using Google Cardboard apps to help win new business.

Leverage 3D Visualization

VR provides opportunities to present information in ways that standard 2D environments can’t. At WebINTENSIVE we use VR to provide fast, intuitive understanding of complex relationships between data and performance.

3D and Panoramic Video

VR enables immersive viewing of 3D and panoramic video, enhancing the viewing experience beyond what is possible with traditional 3D viewers. Video can even be configured to display in a 360-degree perspective.

Be Sure to Test Vigorously

VR apps must meet unusual standards of performance in order to overcome the risk of eyestrain or adverse reactions, and must be tested to ensure a convincing 3D environment across a range of devices. Be sure your app engineering firm follows a strict QC process and that and QA is built-in throughout engineering.

Complimentary Brainstorming with App Specialists

Limit One Per Organization

Take a look at the video on the right for some tips on how to use Cardboard’s capabilities to your advantage. 

Then contact us to set a one-hour session, at our office or remote, with prep time and follow-up included. Just email to get things started. 

We’ll help you assess target audiences’ wants and needs—and how your service or product meets them.

Creative Concepting
We’ll bring years of marketing, app development and business experience to help you brainstorm topline compelling concepts to express in a Google Cardboard app the value you bring to your audience.