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Jan 24, 2014 Taking Your Software for a Test Drive

So your new software project is nearly ready to launch. The interfaces looks great; the code survived your vendor’s internal testing. Is it ready to launch? Nope, not without a little step called “user acceptance testing.”

Here’s where users, sometimes including trusted third party users, give the software a real-world, real-life test drive—vigorously put the system through its paces from their perspective.

Users then report back any instance where the system appears to not perform optimally. Now here’s the thing: scores of variables (browser versions, connection speed, operating devices, operating system versions, and others) can affect performance. And it’s indispensable for testers to replicate the exact circumstances of any imperfections to determine how to address them. So, fair warning, it’s important to be sticklers about asking for details.

To help out, your software vendor should provide checklists and tools to make the reporting simple. Most important, at the end of the day, this detailed process is indispensable for making your system perform to spec.