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Mar 01, 2017 Progressive Web Apps: Ready for Serious Uses?

Google recently announced that they will soon will enable integrating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) deeper into the Android platform. That’s significant news for firms that want their PWA users to enjoy richer experiences.

There are many ways these deep integrations can enable sophisticated features in PWAs, at a level similar to what native apps can do, while leveraging your mobile code base, enabling you to offer these experiences without the overhead of maintaining a separate app.

Marlon Feld of WebINTENSIVE offers one example from the healthcare industry:

Let’s say I am living with asthma and I lose my inhaler while I’m out and about. The app can use GPS to locate the nearest participating (and open) pharmacy. In my account, the PWA contains my doctor’s standing authorization for an emergency prescription. This authorization also will display for the pharmacy, with a scannable barcode if needed. The PWA can send the request/proof of prescription ahead to the pharmacy so it’s ready when I get there.

If you’d like to read up on PWA basics, please click here.

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