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the new world of ios 8

Oct 08, 2014 The New World of iOS 8

In just about three weeks, iOS 8 took hold in 47 percent of the iPhone device market, the Apple Store reported on October 5. iOS 7 is still holding on to another 47 percent of devices, while the remaining 6 percent of devices are sticking with older versions. If the majority of your app’s users have jumped on the iOS 8 bandwagon, you’ll need to upgrade your app, pronto. If your users are slower adapters, you have a bit more time to ponder, but in the end, most of your users are likely to switch.

Here’s our advice for this transition:

Go for it. iOS 8 puts an array of interesting new features at your disposal for improving your users’ experiences, deepening your relationship with them and facilitating transactions. Of particular note is the radically more robust ability for third-party apps to share data with each other and with outside services. This creates lots of new possibilities—here are just a few examples:

  • Display data from your app in your user’s Notification panel, or send it to a cloud storage app like Evernote
  • Allow users to share their Tumblr and Pinterest content in your social app
  • Create 3-D graphs from Apple’s Numbers app, or add video effects to clips from the Camera


But look before you leap. Many details of data sharing in the Apple ecosystem have yet to be worked out. With Apple relaxing the tight standards it formerly maintained, many app owners will be going their own way. This can make it challenging for you to take advantage of the power of data sharing while still providing your users with the all-important benefit of a simple, easy, fluid experience.

For help assessing how to take full advantage of iOS 8, while mitigating any downside, drop us a line.