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May 08, 2012 Many Technologies … One Potent Solution

Magna Legal Services is well-known, highly regarded in its industry. They saw an opportunity to extend their traditional business into an online service offering. And we were happy to help out with that. The system, JuryConfirm, launched today. It offers a good example of how disparate technologies can be integrated to create a cohesive, potent business solution. In JuryConfirm’s gamified, augmented-reality environment, real people play the role of jurors, watching and evaluating real lawyers’ presentations. This is made possible by:

  • Live video broadcasting
  • Enhanced virtual reality for evidence presentations
  • Integrated voice over IP (VOIP) telephony
  • Automated recordings

All these technologies create an immersive experience so jurors can respond as they would in real life, letting lawyers hone their arguments and evidence for upcoming trials.

JuryConfirm’s second-by-second polling reveals how jurors respond to what they see and hear—data that an observer can watch in real time along with the trial. Poll information, past persuasiveness levels, and demographics are all accessible throughout the trial to better understand jurors’ reactions during discussions.