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Sep 24, 2013 Making the Most of the New iOS 7 Platform

Love or hate iOS 7 as an iPhone or iPad user, for iOS developers, a new day has dawned.

iOS 6 is like your cousin’s fiddle; by comparison, iOS 7 is a Stradivarius for making fluid, dynamic, and responsive interfaces. iOS 7 includes new development tools to enable apps to adopt hot, slick new looks and create never-before-possible features to simplify and enrich users’ experiences.

For example, networking and multitasking features can be added to keep an app up to date without the user having to do anything. The new platform also supports more responsive user controls, snazzy motion effects, custom screen transitions, and smoother integration of JavaScript. Apple has also added features that bridge Web and native development techniques, making it easier to reuse Web components, logic and other assets within an app. Such techniques help speed and simplify development.

With all of this in mind, having a firm grasp of iOS 7’s new technologies is important to working with it successfully. You can use it to make art, but only if you really know how to play the instrument.