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The hit augmented reality smartphone app "Pokemon GO" shows a Po

Aug 07, 2016 Lessons from Pokémon Go—Part II

Lesson: Keep Site Context in Mind for AR Apps

New reports of the—exuberance—of Pokémon Go players are coming up frequently. At times the game is played in areas that are unsafe—or inappropriate. For instance, Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Museum was forced to ask visitors to stop playing on their premises. This was due to the game’s sponsors opting to make the museum a “PokeSpot,” that is, an area where players can gain game assets.

The lesson here for others seeking to launch AR-based apps is to keep in mind the context of the physical world. Player safety, surely, should be top of mind, as should the sanctity of the real-world locations and impact on people who are not enjoying the app.