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Feb 29, 2012 Dude, Where’s My Digital Circular?

Consumers to supermarkets, drugstores: We’re on the Web, where are you? 

Retailers are spending up to 70 percent of their marketing budgets on good, old-fashioned circulars. While most shoppers still want and use these, a recent study by The Nielsen Group reveals that 70 percent of shoppers also want to be presented with savings opportunities through email or store websites. And a whopping one-third of them want deals delivered via social media or smartphone apps.

This is great news for retailers who can leverage multimedia strategies to draw in buyers. What’s more, by distributing offers electronically, retailers broaden and enrich their access to data, sweet data. Then comes the greatest opportunity: leveraging cutting-edge analytic tools and practices in order to deeply understand nuances of consumer behavior, which lets retailers more effectively segment offers, fine-tune products, and increase sales.

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