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Jul 10, 2014 DDoS Attacks: Don’t Let Them Catch You With Your Guard Down

Here’s a disturbing trend: criminals launching “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks on a firm, knocking its website offline until the firm agrees to an extortion payoff. Even if the ransom demand is relatively low, your opportunity costs and labor costs to combat the attack are apt to be steep.

Like predators hunting young prey on the Serengeti, hackers often favor attacking tech startups as these typically have not yet developed the defenses used by more established firms but do need to keep their sites up and running. Evernote and Moz recently had the dubious honor of joining Vimeo, MailChimp, Meetup, Shutterstock, and Basecamp on the growing list of young tech firms that have been extorted by hackers.

While no defense is foolproof, you may wish to protect your firm’s infrastructure with third-party hardware and firewall configurations. To schedule a complimentary consultation on your system’s security needs, just email us or give us a call.