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Dec 23, 2013 Death Knell for Spam?

That’s too much to hope for. But Google’s made an interesting move, part of a general trend towards decreasing the effectiveness of email marketing. They are preventing email marketers from retrieving information from images.

Previously, images could be a goldmine for marketers (and a headache for Web security professionals). As my colleague pointed out in his post “Beware of Strangers Bearing GIFs,” images that are downloaded from HTML emails were used by senders to learn if recipients’ email accounts are active, that they’re willing to download images, and even, through the IP address, where the recipients are located.

A number of questions remain regarding the details of Google’s new approach. In fact, my industry colleagues are hotly debating whether the approach will be effective; who wins, who loses in the near term. But the bigger picture is fairly clear: the efficacy of email marketing continues to degrade—and marketers would do well to invigorate efforts to entice consumers to voluntarily share data through websites—and even more so—via mobile devices.