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Mar 06, 2014 How Cutting-Edge Testing Tools Are Taking the Pain Out of Interface Development

Testing user interfaces used to be painstaking—even painful. Programmers had to test every page element and use case by hand; they could only look in envy at the clever tools available to their colleagues working on server-side systems.

No longer. Next-generation tools are making it possible, for the first time, to run automated unit tests on front-end code. Programmers working in JavaScript can write test cases to detect issues and polish the code as they write, with far less reliance on manual testing.

For example, the open source Karma test runner can perform fast unit tests in actual browsers and on a wide range of devices, so programmers can see how well the software runs in real environments and be automatically alerted to issues. Karma was originally created for and tightly integrated with Google’s AngularJS development framework, which is often a great tool for Web development.

Who benefits? Just about everyone. Programmers turn out cleaner code and can spend less time troubleshooting, more time solving difficult challenges. Ultimately, that makes it easier for businesses to deliver the smooth, sophisticated experiences that users have come to expect.

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