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Jul 21, 2015 Can Your Sales Leads Jump 400%?

Often companies improve website content and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising performance haphazardly-tweaking one, then the other. But taking a coordinated, concentrated approach let one firm increase sales leads from its site by 400%.The firm, a B2B supplier of big-ticket equipment, had an online directory of used and rebuilt items. Despite being the best directory of its kind in the business, it was producing only a small number of leads.

We created a PPC campaign for the firm that brings in large numbers of fresh visitors daily. The firm’s own earlier PPC efforts had been stuck at an under 1% clickthrough rate (CTR). Our campaign built up to a 7% CTR – with important keywords having much higher CTR’s.

At the same time, we guided several conversion strategies to turn these fresh visitors into sales leads:

  • The site’s home page was rewritten to directly and in detail describe the unique value the firm provides its customers.
  • Clear pathways through the site, with large buttons, lead visitors through each step on the way to the contact page.
  • The contact form automatically inserts a description of each user’s interest, based on how they reached the form.

The upsurge in leads goes to show the benefits of thinking of website and PPC campaign as an organic whole.