Businessweek Interviews WebINTENSIVE CEO on Cloud Security - WebINTENSIVE Software
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Sep 02, 2011 Businessweek Interviews WebINTENSIVE CEO on Cloud Security

Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed our president David Bodnick for its September article, “Cloud Security Is Looking Overcast.” Here’s his bit:

‘The risks of the cloud have been particularly salient for a few of our clients,’ says Bodnick, president of WebINTENSIVE Software, a New York company that develops online applications for dozens of customers such as LexisNexis, the United Nations, and Columbia University. One WebINTENSIVE client, a search engine called Startpage, didn’t want to use a cloud service because it feared its data might remain on remote servers, and Startpage promises customers that it won’t store their Web-search history. A health-care information company let WebINTENSIVE incorporate cloud storage into its application, but only if patient information were encrypted, which boosted the cost by 15 percent. ‘We are now getting questions that we didn’t before about the safety of hosting applications in the cloud,’ says Bodnick.

You can read the full article here.