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May 20, 2013 Beyond Google Analytics

Can you learn more about site visitor behavior than is easily available through Google Analytics? Indeed you can. Here’s one case in point:

Some friends of ours in the healthcare industry created a website to provide doctors and patients with information on a particular disease. Garnering rich site visitor data was a key to the firm’s marketing efforts—they needed to go on beyond what Google Analytics typically tells. So WebINTENSIVE was paged, stat.

Our approach started with the homepage itself: create clear, compelling pathways to encourage doctors to register and log in, along with features to prompt doctors to reveal their key interests. The more doctors interacted with these features, the more precise the company’s profiles of them would become.

Cookies would associate users’ activities with their individual profiles – even from before their registration and to allow locations and affiliations to be compared to information from other sources, maximizing the marketing team’s ability to define highly niched targets and craft compelling messaging to them.