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Jul 01, 2014 Apps for Emerging Devices: Two Things You Need to Know

When it comes to developing apps for wearables or smart TVs, here are two things you’ll need to make sure your developer knows well:

Efficient engineering. Developing apps for these devices is not necessarily more difficult than coding for sophisticated apps that operate on good old-fashioned smartphones and tablets. But you’ll want assurance that your developer brings experienced system architects. That’s because it’s critical to be extremely efficient in engineering to preserve battery life and to keep processor cycles low, thus keeping the device cool against the user’s skin.

Fast, clean interfaces. Even though some devices use Web development technologies, that does not mean Web design carries over. For smart TVs, a number of the principles of Web design are applicable. Not so for wearables. For the relative tiny interfaces, the user experience must be designed for fast and minimal interaction: as close to zero load-time as possible, and zero user input for primary features.