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Sep 03, 2014 Android’s “Material Design” About to Materialize

In July, Google announced that its next operating system upgrade, Android L, will make a sharp break from previous versions by leveraging “Material Design,” Google’s new language for Android, the Web, and Chrome. Material Design will materially change not merely the OS’s look and feel, but also how interactions with apps work.

If you currently maintain Android apps and want them to run on Android L, take note. A key factor in any app’s success is that its look, feel, and user experience reflect those of the operating system it runs on. This maximizes your users’ feeling of comfort and familiarity. Then, too, Material Design promises the ability to present your users with apps that sport contemporary looks and more elegant experiences.

Bear in mind that taking advantage of Material Design likely will require more than just a reskinning. Consideration will need to be given to how the app responds to user input from a variety of sources, including touch, voice, and mouse and keyboard.

Android L is expected to be released in mid-Fall of this year. Now’s the time to start planning for adjustments and new releases, so your app can make a material impact.