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Aug 27, 2014 Achievement Unlocked: Amazon Buys Twitch

Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch, a streaming video platform for gamers, is a shrewd play.

Already one of the world’s largest digital game distributors, Amazon stands to gain an influx of consumers, much like Google benefited from acquiring YouTube. The audience could rival those of major TV channels in size. What’s more, the purchase jumps Amazon’s efforts at game development several levels ahead. Twitch delivers a direct customer base for various uses. Not to mention that people have created new experiences by building on Twitch, like Twitch Plays Pokemon, where anyone can participate in controlling a Pokemon game.

Twitch benefits, too. Rather than divert time and resources into building out their infrastructure, they now simply can lean on AWS and Amazon’s savvy engineers, so the Twitch staff can focus on actual products. What’s more, it looks as if Twitch’s branding and culture can be retained at Amazon, which is a good thing.

Time will tell, but the acquisition looks like it will level up both firms.