Intelligent Applications Supercharge Your Business

Imagine... everyone in your firm working at their finest, achieving the best outcomes, day in and day out. Today, you can leapfrog to intelligent applications that embed insights and best pratices into the frontend and backend, alike. Intelligent applications dramatically boost your prospects for success and supercharge your operations.

Intelligent Applications

Guide the Best Decisions and Actions

We digitally embed intelligent algorithms to optimize, streamline, and automate throughout your system.
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Smart Guides & Forms
Data Enhanced Algorithms
Actionable Business Intelligence
Streamlined Operations
Empowered Teams
Automation and Integration
Security by Design
Performance Optimization
Quality First
Scaling & Resiliency
Mobile Effectiveness
Future Oriented
Intelligent Applications

How We Engineer for Excellence

Robust software engineering requires expertise, effort and care. More effort up front, from numerous specialists. It is incredibly worthwhile, to avoid jeopardizing your broader enterprise.
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Teams We Help

Firms from many industries, including technology, education, financial services, healthcare and pharma, public sector, and numerous others come to WebINTENSIVE when they need a sustainable edge available only through smart business applications. Many come for long-term partnerships. Some of our relationships date from the founding of the firm in 2001.

Teams Seeking Exceptional Build Operate Transfer Services

Many clients come to us for technical know-how that supplements their in-house staff’s. We build the needed applications and train the in-house team, along the way uplifting their skills. Sometimes this is one-off; often, it is part of an ongoing relationship.

Teams Who Lack Bandwidth

We use one of our own smart business applications, Expertly, to guide us in following and continuously improving best practices. This leads firms to come to us for staff augmentation for software engineering and product management. It also empowers us to provide efficient, expert ongoing support with a host of operational best practices, like security and maintenance updates and automating manual QA tests.

Teams Seeking CTO-Level Counsel

Midsized clients often benefit from our ability to provide strategic guidance in honing product strategy, embedding development best practices, and ensuring excellent software engineering.

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New York City Department Of Education
Tap Influence
Major League Baseball