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Jul 17, 2014 Why You Should Purchase Multiple Domain Name Extensions

Launching a new Web-based business? It’s often a smart idea to buy up a number of domain names with different extensions. Here’s why:


Even if you intend to use .com or .net, purchasing a range of other extensions can protect you in various ways:

  • Discouraging Phishing. It’s not uncommon for criminals to set up fake sites that mimic those of legitimate businesses to entice customers to give up their account or credit card numbers.
  • Preventing Fake Sites During Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) Attacks. Should criminals launch replicas of your site and then perform a DDoS attack on your primary domain’s systems, they’re luring in your customers while your site is down and they demand a ransom to let you get back to business.
  • Stopping Redirects to Your Competitors. A competing business can redirect an alternate version of your domain name to their own website. Stopping this through legal action is much harder than preventing it from the start by owning the full range of extensions.

Global Opportunities

If your business plan calls for you to do business outside of the U.S., at launch or in the near term, you may want to secure your domain name with the local national extensions—for example .uk if you’ll operate in Great Britain, .de if you’ll serve German customers, or .br if Brazil will be one of your markets. A useful approach is to balance the likelihood you’ll enter these markets against the size of the market opportunities.