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Sep 24, 2011 Personality Persuades—Part I

So you are selling products. Let’s say they are high-end but eminently utilitarian, feature-driven products. Let’s say, to pick a not-so-random example, the products are industrial paper cutters. Is there an advantage in moving away from just promoting the product’s features? You bet there is. Our friends at Colter & Peterson know that well. They provide professional paper cutting and handling equipment of the sort used to produce nearly all printed material. But they are going beyond “just” offering excellent products—they are positioning themselves as providing cutting and handling solutions to their customers’ needs and delivering expert knowledge and best practices for using, maintaining, and repairing this sensitive, often idiosyncratic equipment. Hence a new website we helped them with and a uniquely branded service: With The Cutter Doctor, Colter & Peterson’s specialists are expanding their service to their customers and highlighting their average of 38 years of experience in their field, to sharply distinguish themselves from their competition.