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Is it Enough for Your Site to Be Responsive?

Our friends over at kasina ( are sporting a beautiful new site that shows responsive design working quite nicely. The public interfaces are fully responsive, seamlessly supporting everything...

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Java Flaws Require Action

Here we go again. Newly discovered flaws in Java are already being exploited by hackers, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. While Java...

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Social Sneakiness

South Carolina got hit, and hit hard. In the most damaging cyberattack ever launched against a state government, a hacker used stolen credentials to snatch...

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Failover for Frankenstorms

Hurricane Sandy inflicted devastating human losses along the East Coast. The storm also created widespread disruptions of every aspect of infrastructure in the afflicted areas—including...

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Twitter’s New Rules

Looming changes to Twitter's API policy are shifting the rules for social media integration and may affect how you leverage Twitter to draw users into...

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