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Jun 23, 2014 New iOS Programming Language May Open Doors for You

Participating in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference webcast the other day brought some interesting news. Apple described its new programming language, “Swift,” for developing iOS apps. Swift offers a number of innovations that, in time, may significantly speed and simplify app development. It also draws on a vast base of tools and libraries so leveraging previous expertise in programming for iOS will be key to taking full advantage of Swift.

Swift offers a number of interesting features that might be useful to consider in planning your mobile strategy. Let’s take two examples: HealthKit and HomeKit.

HealthKit enables health-care related apps to share data that the user opts to make sharable. So the provider of, say, a food/calorie app might tap data collected in a fitness app and recommend types of food or portion sizes optimized for the individual user.

HomeKit helps users maintain remote control of their household’s smart devices. This automation toolkit will offer developers a standard set of protocols for interfacing with networked home systems, such as air conditioning and lighting. Mobile app publishers may want to keep HomeKit in mind if they intend to build an app that integrates with home automation or other devices within the “Internet of Things.”

It will be interesting to see how Android responds.