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people playing on the phone in the game with augmented reality, without noticing that already came on the roadway, the danger of games on smartphones

Aug 10, 2016 Lessons from Pokémon Go—Part III

Lesson: AR/VR Success Is in Reach (and takes ongoing work)

The success of Pokémon Go is impressive from a technical point of view and amazing from a business perspective. It leapt nearly 21 million users within a couple of weeks—with many players using the app more than once a day. And the issues with Nintendo’s stock price notwithstanding, the product is carving out for itself a multimillion-dollar market. Today it was reported that the game earned $200 million in its first 30 days.

It may well be time to consider how augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality, may fit into your mobile strategy.

Of course, with great opportunity comes great challenges.

The app’s sponsors have had to deal with challenges of scaling, fine-tuning features, appropriateness of venues and user behavior, and security. All at once. All while growing like gangbusters

Two takeaways: 1) Be prepared for contingencies. 2) Have at your side a technology partner experienced and dedicated to navigating such challenges—and in maximizing your opportunities—because often great speed is needed when such situations matter most.