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casting a wider net

Nov 18, 2014 Casting a Wider .NET

Two news items of note came out of last week’s Microsoft Connect event:

  • The software giant is open sourcing its full server-side .NET stack and expanding .NET to run on Linux and Mac OS.
  • Microsoft released a free edition of Visual Studio, called Visual Studio Community 2013, that provides access to the Visual Studio core toolset.

One Build, Many Platforms. This is a welcome turn of events for developers who want to use the Visual Studio to create non-Web software—and have their new programs run on other platforms, such as the Mac OS, without re-writing the code. The biggest beneficiary may actually be Linux, as it sounds like this will make it easy for developers of commercial software to create versions that run on Linux, whereas in the past most wouldn’t have bothered.

Free, for Certain Projects. Meanwhile, offering a free “community edition” of Visual Studio development for open source, or other non-commercial projects, will remove a barrier (the cost) from developers trying out this product.

A great next step would be for Microsoft to release a version of Visual Studio that runs on the iOS environments so .NET software can be developed on a Mac, without needing  a Windows emulator like Parallels. We keep hoping.